Acoustics solutions' is a total noise management system provided by Atluri & Co. It aims to reduce stress levels for employees and create more time for them to spend on the tasks in hand, all achieved through a carefully managed acoustics landscape.

Acoustics solutions through the ABC approach will take clients beyond the often disappointing route of majoring on one idea in isolation and will bring all the elements together to combat noise, improve speech privacy and increase productivity in the most effective manner.

Businesses invest a lot of money and time to create the ideal environment for their staff's comfort. State of the art lighting and acoustics, climate control and ergonomically designed furniture are now common in the working environment. Does your environment look the way you want?

Good lighting is that which is based on the four cornerstones of function, form, flexibility and trust. Poor light inhibits us and makes us dissatisfied with our surroundings; while pleasant lighting stimulates our senses. Detail and colours bring vividness to our surroundings, structure and provide character which makes everyday activities become both functional and appealing.

Lighting Design deals with the approach to the effects that illumination has on certain aspects of your environment. The mood and atmosphere of an environment is affected by many factors including the light direction, use of shadow, modelling and beam control, just to name a few. Texture and layout also play an important role in shaping the lighting landscape.