In-depth design detailing, scaling and planning is a pre-requisite of any successful project. As you plan your next AV project, get in touch with the experts from Atluri & Co Technology. We work with clients, subject matter experts, system architects and consultants to develop solutions for cost-effective, rapid and future-proof realization of our Client's organizational goals. We can boast of being both AV consultants as well as professional dealers in high quality audio visual equipment. We have the practical, hands-on experience and proven track record to help improve your AV project at every stage - from initial development to project management and installation.

With the right kind of technical expertise we are able help you with a wide range of consultancy services like:

- Feasibility studies

- Preparation of tenders

- Evaluation of tenders

- Design of audiovisual environments

- Project Management

- We are able to provide with several benefits on signing up to our AV consulting services which include but are not limited to

- More accurateand complete requests for proposals (RFPs)

- More efficientuse of time and limited resources

- Improved communication within your organization

- Better deployment of technological options and forward-looking integration.